Patent Invalidation Search – Wikipedia Timeline

In an invalidation search its been very difficult to look for non-patent stuff before a particular year, lets say before 1994. We have already discussed few strategies, such as Google timeline etc., but as I always say  – New strategies and sources should be constantly evolved.

Another very useful method for non-patent literature in patent invalidations search could be information about the History of a particular technology available in Wikipedia.

For example, if you are invalidating some patent that relates to Virtual Learning, then a good way to start would be to look here:

History of virtual learning environments

Though Wikipedia cannot be used as a reliable source but it provides enough hints that may help the researcher to reach to an authentic page.

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One Response to “Patent Invalidation Search – Wikipedia Timeline”

  1. priorartsearch Says:

    ya its right to get ahead in innovation, new resources need to be followed in particular

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